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How to make Weather Icons Theme - Detailed instructions

Note for artists

If you are artist but not programmer I can help you with building theme and deployment. But please read Terms and Conditions before contacting me

Instructions for programmers

On this page you can find detailed instructions how to make Make Your Clock Widget weather theme plugin.

You have to perform these steps:

  1. Read Weather Themes Terms and Conditions. By following these instructions you automatically agree with them.
  2. Decide about name of your APK package. For this tutorial purpose lets assume you selected Please note that according convention this name consists from lowercase English alphabet letters (a-z) and dots only!
  3. Download or fork android project template from
  4. Create your own icons (replace stub images in directory weather-theme-sample/assets. Please note that images are NOT STORED in res/drawables directory!
  5. Optionally you can replace Android Market icons in res/drawables-*
  6. Update weather-theme-sample/AndroidManifest.xml
    • change value of manifest.package element from to name of your theme (
    • change value of manifest/application/provider.authorities element from to eg.
  7. Update weather-theme-sample/res/values/strings.xml and fill in info about theme and about yourself
  8. Rename directory with java classes from weather-theme-sample/src/your/theme/name to weather-theme-sample/src/my/cool/theme (please note that in this step you use slashes instead of dots).
  9. Update both .java files:
    • change 1st line from package; to package;
  10. Now try to compile and deploy APK to you phone. If you have Make Your Clock BETA18 or newer your new theme should appear in list of themes.

Note for publishers

Don't forget to put on last line of description of your theme text mycw-weather-theme if you publish theme via your Android Market account. By using this tag you will help users to find your theme.

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